Quick Starter Guid


Before creating any form, make sure you have Advanced Custom Fields installed and activated

In this starter guid, we’ll create a form which creates a post with extra fields related to a book. These fields are :

  • Book’s ISBN
  • Book’s Author
  • Date of publication

Creating The Fields

First of all, we need to create those extra fields using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), to do so, in the ACF menu click on “Add New”, this will create a new Fields Group which we’ll call “About the book”.

Then, add the fields using the button “Add Field” :

Label Name Type
ISBN isbn Text
Author author Text
Date of publication date_of_publication Date Picker

When you have done, click on “Publish”. Now the fields are ready to use.


Adding the form into a page

Now we have a ACF Fields Group, we can add a form into any page in our website, let’s create a page on Wordpress and call it “Books Reviw”.

  • In this page, using Visual Composer page builder click on Add Element
  • In the Content tab, select ACF Front Form, the ACF Front Form dialog appears
  • In the Post ID field, set the value to new_post, this means that each time a user submits the form, a new post will be created
  • Now, in the Form tab, find the Submit Value and set it to Submit, this is the text displayed on the submit button of the Form
  • You can now Save the settings and preview your page

Add a specific form

In some situations, you can have multiple Fields Groups of ACF, in this case we need to tell ACF Front Form to load only our specific Fiels Group. To do so, in the URL of the Edit page of our Field Group “About the book”, note the post=929 value, in this case, the value is 929


Now, go to ACF Front Form settings of your page, in the Fields tab, in the Field Groups field, set the ID if that group



If you want to add the title and content fields into the Form, then check the two options Show the title and Show the content

Save changes and that’s it !